Pollett.org - Photos

001 Living room 3432 Youngs Circle.jpg
002 Minh at Kitchen table.jpg
003 Hallway.jpg
004 Bathroom off hallway before we remodelled it.jpg
005 Master Bedroom.jpg
006 Bathroom of master bedroom before we remodelled it.jpg
007 Library.jpg
008 Another shot of my beautiful books.jpg
009 Kitchen before we remodelled it.jpg
010 Garage.jpg
011 Another shot of the garage.jpg
012 Trash cans.jpg
013 Side of house.jpg
014 Lemons.jpg
015 Backyard.jpg
016 Tree in backyard.jpg
017 Master bedroom again.jpg
018 Back room that leads to backyard.jpg
019 Shot from backyard.jpg
020 Flowers in backyard (I later killed these with my gardening prowess).jpg
021 Tree in backyard.jpg
022 Same tree again in backyard.jpg
023 Blurry shot of master bedroom.jpg
024 Taken with camera for Palm pilot.jpg
025 SJSU taken with camera for Palm Pilot.jpg
026 Taken with camera for palm pilot..jpg