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001 At Great America when Minhs family visited..jpg
002 I am not sure it this shot is any clearer..jpg
003 Andrew and Nhi weight-lifting.jpg
004 Andrew changing the sheets..jpg
005 ...with James around October..jpg
006 At the San Francisco zoo sometime in October..jpg
007 Halloween. Minh couldnt convince Andrew to wear his costume..jpg
008 Scarrrrry!.jpg
009 More dragon.jpg
010 ... with a smile.jpg
011 Our first punpkin in the new house..jpg
012 Next door neighbor, parking in the wrong place.jpg
013 Again.jpg
014 Andrew making orange juice..jpg
015 OJ made all by himself.jpg
016 I am an expert.jpg
017 Table top Andrew with James.jpg
018 Future Climber.jpg
019 At the Park near home.jpg
020 What is this thing? Does it lead to another dimension?.jpg
021 Super climber.jpg
022 Andrew on a Nunu.jpg
023 Andrew on a Nunu -- the Teletubbies vacuum cleaner.jpg
024 Enjoying the nunu.jpg
025 Skateboarding..jpg
026 James (10) and Dads (65) birthday a few days late..jpg
027 Cutting the birthday cake.jpg
028 Blowing out candles..jpg
029 After Santa Claus....jpg