Pollett.org - Photos

001 This was the first building with metal work I saw.jpg
002 I think this is Decatur Street..jpg
003 More metal work.jpg
004 Same facade different angle.jpg
005 This part of the street opened wide and looked impressive..jpg
006 Cannon (post civil war).jpg
007 A picture towards the river.jpg
008 You can never have too much metal work.jpg
009 I dont know why I took this..jpg
010 The top stonework had asbestos proudly written on it.jpg
011 Here is the hotel I stayed at..jpg
012 This is Canal Street. You can see the two hotels of the AMS meeting..jpg
013 Going north on Canal street you start to see places that need to be fixed..jpg
014 I went to the oldest cemetery in New Orleans and wandered around..jpg
015 Can you read the tiny plaque at the entrance?.jpg
016 Tombs..jpg
017 War of 1812 Commemoration tomb in the Protestant section at the back.jpg
018 More tombs...jpg
019 This civil rights guy refused to give up his seat on a train..jpg
020 Big tomb... Has the word Italia on it..jpg
021 See I told you..jpg
022 Row of dead people..jpg
023 Bourbon street..jpg
024 This guy was talking about someone becoming king for a day??.jpg
025 I started walking up Poygras towards the Superdome..jpg
026 Check up how some of the buildings have all the windows blown out..jpg
027 The bridge between the two buildings is quite damaged..jpg
028 The Superdome has been fixed up..jpg
029 The building next to it hasnt..jpg
030 Another view of the superdome..jpg
031 The streak on the wall is where the water got to during the flooding..jpg
032 A lot of street lights are still broken; many intersection have blinking lights..jpg